Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sister School

Hello Muhlenbergian Costume Shoppers,
As you all know I now work at West Chester and you all miss me a lot (It's common knowledge.) I might be missing you a TEEENY tiny bit as well. I am offering you the sister costume shop blog opportunity of a lifetime. The WCU costume shop blogspot is awaiting your comments and views.  http://thatssewwestchester.blogspot.com/  I am also going to post costume shop madness's address on our WCU blog and hopefully create a lot of love and sharing betwixt the two shoppes and mavens of sewing, costumes and theater. Also, if you are coming to ACTF in January you will be coming to WCU as we are the hosting institution. Lex will be presenting as will I. You know you don't want to miss that.you can click http://kcactf2.org/   for more information.
Now, where is that flask?