Friday, December 16, 2011

Workstudy Holiday Party!

 The workstudy holiday party took place last Friday (Dec. 9) in the Studio Theatre.  Damon's scenic workstudy and Purple Paul spent the morning making the theatre a Winter Wonderland in advance of the party and the MTA semi-formal dance that evening.

 The lovely decor!
 Elle gleefully steals a gift during the exchange!
 Lexi smugly steals some Toy Story bags.
 Seana is thrilled with her Playdough!
 Purple Paul's fancy setup for trivia
 One trivia team...complete with Ian, Seana, and Sassy (the knitter!)
 Lexi and Constance win the one-handed gift wrapping game!  This is (we think) the 4th year in a row that they have dominated the game.
 Elle made an EPIC gingerbread castle!
Constance made her own Mr. Potatohead...(the potato was actually something won in the gift exchange.  In the giver's defense, it WAS a GIGANTIC potato.)

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